Meeple Champ Title Fights Canberra 2021


  • There is only one title for the moment (if participants numbers grow there may be more titles for specific genres or specific games we can do that too in the future)
  • A ‘Title Match’ will be in a 2 player game between the Champion and the Challenger in a prearranged game of choice. For shorter games they may choose to play a Best of X rounds.
  • The Champion will present a list of 10 appropriate games they are willing to be challenged in. The Challenger will then select a game from this list. A time and place for the title match will be by agreement of the two parties.
  • In future when we have a larger audience, we will have qualifier matches to determine the next Challenger
  •  A monthly newsletter will be sent out with results of both Title matches that took place since the last newsletter.